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Why React Native is The Right Platform for Building Your Cross-Platform Mobile App?

When building a mobile application for your business, usually, there are a plethora of options at your table for choosing the development platform. But the topMobile App Development Company would vouch for React Native as the right platform. And why they wouldn’t when the Reach Native comes loaded with powerful features and functions that support your dreams of building a killer mobile app?

Let’s find out if React Native is just hype or really a useful platform to build exceptional mobile applications. Check out a few most-talked reasons React Native is applauded for:

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility that’s Second to None

Want to develop a cross-platform compatible mobile application that runs flawlessly on iOS and Android? React Native is the reliable solution for you to develop full-blown applications that work smoothly on all iOS and Android devices. That means no more extra line of platform-specific code, fewer efforts and easy development of your mobile application. …
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What Makes Android Application Development Services Prominent for Businesses

Android apps have entirely changed the way businesses used to engage with their prospects. You just need to hire Android app developer to convert a prospect into a client using an Android application as a medium. Interestingly, conversion is just a matter of few clicks if you have an Android application that’s intuitive andhas a clear UI and friendly UX with killer call-to-action at the prominent locations. The user base of Android app is growing at a lightning-fast pace. That means more scope for you to grow your business.

With the growing propensity of Android applications, the need for considering services of a mobile app development companyis becoming prominent for a business that wants to stay alive online. Let’s find out how it helps you:

1. Improved Visibility of Your App
 Visibility is everything but you need to earn it. Your Android app development company knows it right from the start! A good Android developer never feels shy to put appealing features into your m…

The Most Talked Features of iOS 12 to Consider For Your Mobile App

Apple has rolled out iOS 12 with some really exciting features to wow customers. With cool features on the go, it’s a high time to deploy your iOS app with the help of an established iOS app development company. Enriched with awesome additions, theiOS 12 features are all set to become a talk of the town. Addition of new Animoji, Memoji and a better version of Siri, the powerful features are enticing enough to blow the minds of the Apple users.

If building an iOS app is on your mind, you could ask your mobile app development company to help you implement some of the cool features just introduced. But before that let’s show you the exciting iOS 12 features people are talking about these days:

1. Siri in a New Avatar

Your beloved Siri has become a lot smarter than ever! Don’t be surprised if it talks like an encyclopedia. In iOS 12 update, its database has been expanded and now, it can answer trivia questions like a pro. Things such as celebrity facts, racing-related que…

3 Helpful Tips to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Foreign Markets

Putting your feet into the foreign markets for the first time? A renowned digital marketing companycould pave the way for you as it isn’t an easy feat to kick off your growth right from the start. Also, marketing strategies that have worked for you in your country might not work here. Understand that the demographics are different, the audiences have a different taste and the marketing strategies are also different.

Re-inventing your digital marketing strategy with the help of a top SEO company could help you hold the ground in the foreign markets. Here are the tips to make this transition smoother:

1. Find a Local Partner for Digital Marketing

Every country has its own set of rules for marketing and the best practices that you might not be familiar with right off the start. It’s better to partner with a local digital marketing company to help overcome this challenge and make-up the things where you fall short off. Businesses fail when they try to implement the same dig…

Awesome Benefits of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Needs

Have got more app development projects than you can handle? But hesitating to outsource them to a top mobile app development company? Well, you aren’t doing justice to your profit-making ambitions. When your projects could be handled timely and in a professional manner, there’s no reason to stop. On the top of it, there’s a limit to physical hires due to the overheads involved. You will need to flush a lot of money in managing your full-time resources. That might not be of your interests! This is where outsourcing your mobile app development services helps.Let’s help you get out of this dilemma that every mobile app development company faces! Explore how outsourcing your mobile application projects could prove beneficial for your company and money-making dreams.

1. Cost-Effectiveness That You Will Appreciate Want to save money while not compromising with the quality deliveries? Then, outsourcing your projects to a top mobile app development company could fulfill your inter…

Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends For The App Industry In 2019

The demand for mobile app development has experienced a surge like never before. Now, more and more businesses are spending on mobile app development services to make the most out of mobile searches. The average per session activity of users on mobile applications has triggered to 6 percent more than the last year. Wondering why? Because there’s an app for everything and experiencing the hike in figures is quite likely.

This robust demand for mobile applications has pushed the app developers to come up with something more innovative every year. If you are keen to know more, then let’s find out what would be trending in the mobile app industry in 2019:

1. M-Commerce Apps Will Rule the Market

Back in 2015, the M-Commerce market was $450 billion which has now reached $1086 billion in figures. Well, that’s a double fold jump in the figures. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Now, businesses know that they are going to acquire more leads from mobiles than the desktops. So their interest is leaning mor…

Top 4 Features for Building Trending Messenger Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram

Aspiring to build a trending messenger app from a mobile app development company? Definitely, you would look to bring enticing features of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram into your app. These Goliaths have taken over the world of messaging so replicating them would put you in the right course. These instant messaging apps have a pretty large user base, so following their footprints is the best thing you could do. However, you need to know which features could make your messenger application stand out.

Read these4 lucrative features your modern messenger app must have to gain a traction in the market:

1. Simplest User Login

Designing a login that works simply great for users adds more to the app experience. Your app users will love it if you give them the simplest way of logging in. For instance, the Facebook asks for email and password for logging into the app. You could also consider an SMS-based login system for your audience. But make sure you don’t overcomplicate it or el…